Putting together a conference as large as this one is no easy feat, and could not have been accomplished without the help of our tireless crew of volunteers. The staff of BIO offered their time, put on a blue shirt, and took on tasks far outside the norm to help make this conference happen. But the magic behind the scenes was not limited to those wearing blue – all the staff in collections, the lab, BIO admin, and BOLD deserve recognition for their efforts to support the 6th International Barcode of Life Conference.

Lead Volunteers

Vanessa Breton Vanessa Breton
Lead Volunteer Coordinator
Viktor Gazo Viktor Gazo
Technical Support Lead

Volunteer Team

Emily Berzitis Emily Berzitis
Volunteer Coordinator
Vanessa Bouwer Vanessa Bouwer
Administrative Support
Liza Fritzsche Liza Fritzsche
Prize Coordinator
Chris Ho Chris Ho
Volunteer Guide
Susana Miranda Romo Susana Miranda Romo
Volunteer Coordinator
Claudia Steinke Claudia Steinke
Volunteer Guide


Graham Ansell Maryam Fatahi Jaclyn McKeown Jesse Sills-Gilligan

Tour Coordinators

Thanushi Eagalle Kellyn Hawley Renee Labbee Carole Ann Lacroix
Suresh Naik Kate Perez Crystal Sobel  Jayme Sones

Additional Volunteers

Tim Bartley Nick Jeffery Kevin Morey Rachel Smith
Danielle Bourque Jessica Johannson Derek Morningstar Alexandra Stoneham
Gina Capretta Tony Kess Luke Nolet Michaela Str├╝der-Kypke
Michelle D’Souza Olga Kiseliova Matthew Palomino Aisha Tahir
Forest Dussault Lisa Ledger Jinal Pandya Abinah Thevanayagam
Shannon Eagle Tzitziki Loeza Kate Pare Attilio Tonin
Tyler Elliott Eddie Ma Ola Pierossi Nervana Wadie
Nicole Fahner Katie McGee Adriana Radulovici Catherine Wei
Becky Fernandes Troy McMullin Shahrokh Shekarriz Michael Wright
Kathryn Hotkye Fatima Mitterboeck Anjali Silva Robert Young

Barcodes to Biomes